Speakers For 10th Anniversary Event

There are so many new things to share!  We have updated the information for our 10th Anniversary Event, and we are pleased to share information on the speakers that will be helping us out this year.

Karen Russell (HCHS President) will be speaking on the status of the new shelter. The new shelter is much more roomy than our previous location, and we are looking forward to telling you all about it.

Sargent Chavez (Geneseo Police) will be speaking on National Night Out Dog Walker Watch.  This is a program which is aimed to enhance the partnership between police and community while walking your dog. 

Angie Hall Of QC CAN will be speaking on “What Is A Therapy Dog And What Do They Do?”  You have probably heard of service dogs, but therapy dogs (and their human partners) are something different.  And something special.

Alexis Weber () will be speaking about “Fun Activities With Your Dog/Getting AKC Titles”.

Have a chance to meet Sonja Benavidez & Amber (her Cardigan Welsh Corgi). They won the American Kennel Club (AKC) Exemplary Companion Dog award for 2017.