Volunteer – Instructions 2018

Welcome Bark In The Park 2018 Volunteers!!

Geneseo Bark in the Park Committee thanks you for donating your time to help make this fund-raiser a success.

We appreciate your important contribution to this fund-raiser!!

Please email Kim Sefton at kimdpt2001@yahoo.com to verify you have received your assignments. Please include your name and number and / or location that is related to your assigned task. Every effort was made to place volunteers per their request, however, we appreciate your flexibility with your assignments. If for some reason I have inadvertently omitted someone or you feel unable to volunteer where placed, please bring it to my attention and I will rectify the situation immediately!! Assignments subject to change based on race day needs.

  1. Please pick up your volunteer vest at the pavilion no later than 9:30AM prior to going to your assignments. Wear your Volunteer Worker Vest so the participants know who to ask for information/help, please return your vest to the pavilion at the end of the race. It’s also a good idea to bring your own bottle of water. It’s important to stay hydrated on days like these. If you bring your own water that will help us guarantee that we have enough for the walkers. Other items to consider: bug spray, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses.
  2. Be at your walk route assignments by 10:30AM. Please be sure to park your vehicles off the race route
  3. Bring a charged cell phone (note: if you encounter a medical emergency on race day please call 911. Make sure you have at least one contact number in case you need to call for help (human or animal). Race morning please contact Barbara Sigwalt 309-502-9446 or Kim Sefton 815-440-3682 if you have questions.
  4. Barricades will be found along the road and will need to be put together and moved into place if not done already. After the events, these barricades will need to be disassembled and placed back in the grassy areas off of the street, DO NOT PLACE IN RESIDENTS YARD IF POSSIBLE !! If you are able to do this at your location, it would be appreciated; less work for us to do later.
  5. Look pleasant & knowledgeable. “Be Present.” Smile at the participants. Cheer them on. Be involved with the Race/Walk. [Please no texting or social phone calls during the race. ] Safety of all participants is the main goal!!!
  6. Stay at your post until everyone has passed your part of the course.
  7. Clean up your area. Any poo bags or water cups, etc. put in your trash bag and return to a City Park trash barrel. For most of the intersections, this means that you’ll bring your trash bag back to the City Park and deposit your bag in one of those barrels.
  8. If you can stay to help with “take down” at the park, cleaning up the City Park, tables, and boxes etc, that help would be appreciated. Shouldn’t be too much to do if we have lots of people: many hands DO make light work.

Bark In The Park 10th, October 13, 2018

Note: please email Kim Sefton kimdpt2001@yahoo.com to confirm you have received your instructions. Please email or call (815-440-3682) with questions by October 11.

NOTE: if you have a * beside your name, you have an additional job so look for your name listed elsewhere, too.



Early Arriving Volunteers – helping with set-up & Later Special Jobs in City Park

  1. *Barbara Sigwalt, *Tina Mattan, *Kim Sefton, *Margaret Starkey, *Kalie Vandersnick, *Brandi Catton setting up Registration area as well as barricades blocking Pearl street and Center Street, banner placement
  2. *Karen Russell, *Carol Neely, *Gay Hull – delivering items from the Shelter, Bonnie’s house, one mile walk stuff and dog treats / prizes on bandshell
  3. *Bonnie Wick / Evelyn Watkins Day of race: in charge of t-shirts in HCHS tent, raffle tickets for baskets
  4. *Gay Hull / *Carol Neely– setting up water for dogs at 1 mile walk water station (asking neighbor to fill please); water for dogs at Park, make sure 1 mile walk volunteers have ribbons to hand out, make “poo” bags available to walkers


Registration & Packet Pickup – in pavilion at City Park near Center St. Friday 3-7PM

Barbara Sigwalt, Tina Mattan, Bonnie Wick, Evelyn Watkins, Julie Riney, Brandi Catton, Kim Sefton, Margaret Starkey

[NOTE: some of you have additional assignments– look for the * beside your name, means you are listed elsewhere, too]. All registration volunteers need to arrive by 8:00AM (Registration and packet pick up begins at 6:00AM)

  1. *Margaret Starkey – Takes registration forms & all money for fees
  2. Julie Riney – Takes registration forms & all money for fees
  3. *Barbara Sigwalt – Fills out bibs for One Mile Walk participants with or without Dogs
  4. *Tina Mattan – Fills packets with t-shirts and gives to participant –directs all Dog Walkers to continue down the line to complete filling their packet

One Mile Walk (With Or Without Dog):

Volunteers – All helping along the One Mile Walk (With Or Without Dogs)-

Please be at your assigned positions before 10:30AM. Walk starts at 11AM.

NOTE: You are listed by Street intersection or corner along the route – You’ll need to make sure your wooden barricade is set up to block off the side street so participants have clear access to race route. You can not refuse cars access to the road – but encourage them to wait until the runners & walkers have passed your corner – – – for the safety of everyone, but if they must pass, tell them to do so with caution.

    1. *Barbara Sigwalt – corner of Pearl St. and Center St. (start of One Mile Walk)
    2. *Diane and Chris Biellier – (Note: please pick up balloons at Village Florist after 9AM. prior to coming to the park) then stand at corner of Pearl St. and State St. (stand in middle of Pearl & by boulevard so walkers know to turn to their right onto State Street. Please make sure state street north and pearl street east barricades are blocked prior to start of race.
    3. *Mindy Brown and Diane Fortune – corner of State St. & Main Street – [NOTE: Police will also be blocking Main St. (because it is Rte 6 & Hwy 82) but only until 12:00PM? As the walkers return, please stay at this intersection to direct all One Mile Walkers with or without Dogs to turn to their left and walk along the sidewalk along Main Street side of the Park.
    4. Brandi Littig– stand in the road on State St. and direct both the One Mile Walkers with & without Dogs to turn to their right onto the West Locust (alley) road. THIS IS THE FIRST TRICKY DIRECTIONAL CHANGE because it’s easy to not see this turn so you’ll actually be blocking State St. but there will no barricade there – ONLY YOU. [NOTE: please stay at your position until all walkers have passed you on the way back to the park.)
    5. Cindy Avey – corner of W. Locust St. & Center St. – You’ll be standing in Center St. so you’ll actually be blocking Center St. and pointing the participants to continue down Center Street towards Southwest School .
    6. WATER STATION for walkers and dogs (Center St. near Southwest school entrance): Heather Charlet, Bernie Lawson Keep water dishes filled for dogs and cups filled for 1 mile walkers, please pick up trash around the area) Please direct walkers to turn right into the Southwest School parking lot. When the last walker passes, you can place all unused water jugs and trash bag near the water station and head back to your cars &/or the City Park.
    7. Gail Koester – You’ll be a “sight marker volunteer” meaning you aren’t blocking an intersection but instead you want the participants to see you from Center St. so they know they are on the correct path. They’ll be turning to their left through the Southwest Elementary School parking lot and will need to see Bette Norris at the other end of the parking lot where they’ll turn again to their left onto Frank St. [NOTE – you and Bette should be able to see each other from where you each are standing.]
    8. Bette Norris – You’ll be a “sight marker volunteer” – read my directions to Gail Koester; you will be at the other end of the Southwest Elementary School parking lot and directing the participants to turn to their left onto Frank St.
    9. Diane Cornelius – You’ll be at the intersection of Frank and Center St. so that the participants don’t accidentally turn back onto Center St. but keep going on Frank St. until they reach the intersection with State St.
    10. Stephanie Hull – Stand on the boulevard of State St. at the intersection with Frank St. All One Mile Walkers (with and without Dogs) will turn to their left and head back down the boulevard –same side as they used earlier- and they’ll head back toward the City Park area, making sure they keep in the west lane of the boulevard.
    11. *Mindy Brown and Diane Fortune – You’ll be standing at the corner of Main St. & State St. on the City Park sidewalk – – Once the One Mile Walkers with or without Dogs cross Main St. You’ll indicate to them that they need to turn to their left and follow the sidewalk along that side of the City Park as it runs along Main St.
    12. *Diane and Chris BiellierCorner of Main St. and Center St. Indicate to all the One Mile Walkers that they will be walking on Center Street to their finish line which will be marked with orange cones & balloons just beyond the pavilion area. (Note these walkers will be on the sidewalk).

Pet Contest Announcer / Emcee: Elizabeth Wadas, Channel 8

National Anthem Singer: Karen Manning

Finish line water stations / table set up: Kim Sefton, pick up Hammond Henry refreshments / coolers), (1 mile walk finish line; 2 tables on bandshell stage for awards)

Music at Bandshell ?? Kim Sefton, Larry Lord

Vendors: Brandi Catton

Road Closure Flyers Volunteers: Robyn Sherbeyn: Center Street, Bridget Real: Both sides of State street from Main St. to Pizza Hut, Diane Lodge: around the park

1 Mile Lead off: Gay Hull

Week of Race help with packets *Tina Mattan, others as needed

Friday night help 3:00-7:30PM at Pavilion: *Barb Sigwalt, *Tina Mattan, *Brandi Catton *Kim Sefton, *Bonnie Wick, Karen Russell, Gay Hull, Margaret Starkey, Kalie Vandersnick, Julie Riney, Evelyn Watkins

Road markers Friday night??:

Barricade Placement Friday 9:00AM at park: Kim Sefton, Barbara Sigwalt, Tina Mattan, Karen Russell (placed on each end of Pearl St.). Note: please allow Farmer’s Market and vendors to drive in to set up on North side of Pearl Street must move vehicles by 8AM.

Pet contest judges: Tracy Diehl, Alexis Weber, ??

Vet on call: Miller Vet

Photographers: Dick and Karen Mowers

Pet photos: Tracy Diehl

Pet Ornaments: Carol Neely, Paula Pritchard

Food vendors in the pavilion: Nancy Lawson (popcorn), Donna Forsythe (coffee and donuts), Pizza / Tacos: Sarah Lams, Kalie Vandersnick, Tina Mattan ?, Kim Sefton? Cashier: Margaret Starkey

Kids Games (see Susan Pierce in Park for assignments)

Jacob Gray, Nicholas Gray, Carmen, Anna

Happy Joes Mascot: Marc Peirce

Website / IT / Registration: Christopher Hoadley

Volunteer coordinator: Kim Sefton (gloves, garbage bags for water station, donation bins)